Staff in Nursery 

Teachers: Mrs Nicholls and Mrs Mahey

Teaching Assistants: Miss Richardson and Mrs Randhawa

Session Times


Monday & Tuesday - 8.45am - 3.20pm

Wednesday morning - 8.45am - 11.30am



Wednesday afternoon - 12.45pm - 3.20pm

Thursday & Friday - 8.45am - 3.20pm


Dinner Money

The cost of dinner money for 2 days is £3.75. It should be given to the class teacher in a sealed envelope with your child's name and the amount on. This can be paid termly or weekly.

A few reminders

Please ring the school to report your childs reason for absence.

Medication (prescribed)- class teachers can administer these at school if necessary rather than your child stay off school and lose time.


Sickness-as soon as your child has stopped being sick they can return to school.


Diarrhoea Or sickness/diarrhoea-pupils should be kept at home for 48 hours after the last bout before returning to school.


Temperature/cough/colds-please use your parental judgement and send your child if they are well enough to attend school. Inform their teacher and if they deteriorate during the day we will contact you and send them home.


It is inevitable that children may lose time at school occasionally, but we just ask you to be conscious of the importance of your Childs education and attendance.


Nursery Curriculum