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On Tuesday 28th March we turned up to the matches in a thunderstorm and news that our game against the bottom team, Clifton, had been cancelled. Without a win and the league table in mind, this made the team more determined to secure the win that our play two weeks ago deserved. We had worked tirelessly on a more aggressive defensive line and a four-pronged attack with Erin in the middle, feeding our runners. Here's what happened:

Oval 40 - 5 Four Dwellings

Try Scorers: Izzie (4), Dalton (2), Ian, Darnell

Player of the Match - Ian - Our most improved player has developed into a dangerous runner with ball in hand and has a good rugby brain which helps him to be in the right place at the right time, in both attack and defence

After an astonishing performance against a decent team where The Oval looked more like the All Blacks, there was an outside chance we could actually win the league, if other results went our way. Unfortunately, Firs remained dominant and defeated all of the other teams easily, just as they did to us two weeks ago. 

We had planned a friendly match against Percy Schurmer but with Clifton dropping out, the Champions Firs were available for a friendly. Without hesitation we accepted the challenge:

Oval 30 - 15 Firs

Try Scorers: Izzie (5), Darnell

Player of the Match: Darnell - One of our go-to attackers who always makes ground with his deceptive running and positive attitude. Often made breaks to open up the defence for other players to score from

We ended up finishing third in the league, which means all of our players will be presented with bronze medals and 2 tickets each to watch a Wasps rugby match. Izzie's incredible performances didn't go unnoticed by the league organiser, who has said she will be awarded a certificate as one of the 2 'Players of the Tournament' 

Considering we went 30-0 down in our first game two weeks ago, the results reflect an amazing turnaround that I was very proud of. The players demonstrated rugby values throughout, had a very positive attitude and showed respect to the opposition, themselves and the referees


Mr Sullivan