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Here you can find a list of all our old newsletters.


PDF Format Newsletter January 2014

MS Word format Newsletter January 2014

PDF Format Parents Evening February 2014

MS Word format Parents Evening February 2014

PDF Format New Contact Procedure February 2014

MS Word format New Contact Procedure February 2014

PDF Format Newsletter February 2014

MS Word format Newsletter February 2014

PDF Format Broadwaters Trip 2014

MS Word format Broadwaters Trip 2014

PDF Format Year of Reading 2014

MS Word format Year of Reading 2014

PDF Format Free School Meals Letter 

MS Word format Free School Meals Letter 

PDF Format Newsletter September 2014 

MS Word format Newsletter September 2014 

PDF Format Uniform 2014 

MS Word format Uniform 2014 

PDF Format Newsletter July 2014 

MS Word format Newsletter July 2014 

PDF Format Strike Action 10th July 2014 

MS Word format Strike Action 10th July 2014 

PDF Format Fasting During Ramadan 2014 

MS Word format Fasting During Ramadan 2014 

PDF Format iPad Scheme for New Year 4 Starting Sep 2014 

MS Word format iPad Scheme for New Year 4 Starting Sep 2014 

PDF Format Attendance Newsletter May 2014 

 MS Word format Attendance Newsletter May 2014 

PDF Format Newsletter May 2014 

 MS Word format Newsletter May 2014 

PDF Format Trips and Visits to Places of Worship 2014 

MS Word format Trips and Visits to Places of Worship 2014 

PDF Format Cultural Celebrations 2014 

MS Word format Cultural Celebrations 2014 

PDF Format Parent Governer Vacancy 

MS Word format Parent Governor Vacancy 

PDF Format Spring Disco 2014 

MS Word format Spring Disco 2014 

PDF Format Newsletter Payments Summer 2014 

MS Word format Newsletter Payments Summer  2014 

PDF Format Easter Newsletter for Parents 2014

MS Word format Easter Newsletter for Parents 2014

PDF Format Willersley Trip 2014

MS Word format Willersley Trip 2014

PDF Format Newsletter Payments April 2014

MS Word format Newsletter Payments April  2014

PDF Format Opera Quest With Year 5

MS Word format Opera Quest With Year 5

PDF Format Year 6 London Experience 2014

MS Word format Year 6 London Experience 2014



MS Word format 10th May Newsletter

PDF Format Parents Evening Newsletter

MS Word format Parents Evening Newsletter

PDF Format 4th February Newsletter

MS Word format 4th February Newsletter

PDF Format 10th July Newsletter

MS Word format 10th July Newsletter

PDF Format Special Newsletter July 2013

MS Word format Special Newsletter July 2013

PDF Format Newsletter 11th September 2013

MS Word format Newsletter 11th September 2013

PDF Format New Arrival Arrangements September 2013

MS Word format New Arrival Arrangements September 2013

PDF Format Important Dates 2013

MS Word format Important Dates 2013

PDF Format Building Works 24th September 2013

MS Word format Building Works 24th September 2013

PDF Format Industrial Action 2013

MS Word format Industrial Action 2013

PDF Format Newsletter 9th October 2013

MS Word format Newsletter 9th October 2013

PDF Format Newsletter 23rd October 2013

MS Word format Newsletter 23rd October 2013

PDF Format Parents Evening November 2013

MS Word format Parents Evening November 2013

PDF Format Newsletter November 2013

MS Word format Newsletter November 2013

PDF Format Christmas Newsletter 2013

MS Word format Christmas Newsletter 2013

PDF Format Payment Information for 2014

MS Word format Payment Information for 2014

PDF Format Newsletter 17th December 2013

MS Word format Newsletter 17th December 2013



PDF Format Christmas Newsletter

MS Word format Christmas Newsletter

PDF Format Special Newsletter

MS Word format Special Newsletter

PDF Format Pupil Premium Newsletter

MS Word format Pupil Premium Newsletter

PDF Format 10th October 2012 Newsletter

MS Word format 10th October 2012 Newsletter

PDF Format Diwali / Children In Need 2012 Newsletter

PDF Format Money Information Newsletter

MS Word format Money Information Newsletter