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Attendance and Safeguarding

When a pupil is absent we expect the parent / carer to contact the school to report the absence.

There are times where this happens and times where it does not. In either case The Oval School may feel that more enquiry is needed to ascertain the reasons for absence.

The process that we follow includes;

  • Telephone calls, texts and automated calling systems will be used to try and gain a reason for absence
  • Telephone call parents / carers directly. Followed by all listed contacts, this includes; relatives, work numbers and friends telephone numbers
  • If no reason for absence is gained through these methods or if there are additional concerns The Oval School will carry out home visits to the child's address
  • If there is still no contact or reason provided for absence then The Oval School are obliged to contact the Police and / or Children's Services to discuss and undertake a Safe and Well Check.