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Our Allotment


At The Oval School we have our own plot on the local allotment.  It was set up in October 2004 with the help of Alcoa UK.


 Mrs J. Brown and Miss D. Rivers are our allotment managers.

On our allotment we have 8 large plots, compost makers, 2 sheds and a large greenhouse. We will be using some of our Health for life funding to buy a new shed, water proofs and wellies and hopefully a new green house!

Each year group have their own plot where they choose what to grow and throughout the year they visit the allotment to maintain their crops.

Harvest 2021... plenty courgettes, Marrows and lettuce!    

Tomatoes grew everywhere this year!


So far Harvests have included:carrot     beetroot      radish

potatoes a variety of heritage and usual types of potatoes.

lettuce, herbs, carrots, pumpkin, marrows , courgettes 

corn, beetroot and radishes.