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Welcome and willkommen to The Oval's German page!

I have developed a new website based on my method of teaching German. Please visit the website for lesson plans, Zeit für Deutsch session plans, lots of extras, my blog and lots of other German related resources:


I have left all of the lessons on this page for your reference.

* An article about German at The Oval has been published on the Midlands German Network website. Please click to follow the link * 

This year all children in KS2 have been learning German and they are having lots of fun acquiring new skills and insights into the culture of German speaking countries.


This is why we are learning German:

  • Germany is the UK's biggest non-english speaking trading partner

  • Germany is the biggest foreign employer of British citizens

  • There are thousands of cognates (similar words) between English and German and spelling and pronunciation is regular

  • German is the most spoken mother-tongue language in Europe and out of a population of around 500 million Europeans, around 100 million speak German

  • Understanding another language and culture creates a more rounded world view and opens up opportunities for our children to broaden their horizons


All of the vocabulary we are learning will be uploaded weekly to this page. The most recent lesson is at the bottom. Please feel free to look at the vocabulary before your next lesson so that you can get a head start.


Lessons from Autumn 1


Introduce myself


The colours


Colours and flags


Parts of the body 1


Parts of the body 2 


Clothes 1


Autumn 1 Assessment


Lessons from Autumn 2


German Club


Clothes 1a


Clothes 2


Anti-bullying week 


Numbers and time


Numbers and maths


Guess who!


Lessons from Spring 1 




Zeit für Deutsch - Week 1


Zeit für Deutsch Week 2


Animals 1


Animals 2


Spring 1 Assessment


Lessons from Spring 2


Fruit 1


Fruit 2


Lessons from Summer 1


Weather 1 


Weather 2


Breakfast 1


Breakfast 2


Lessons from Summer 2


German Interviews Preparation


Months 1


Months 2


Birthdays 1 with Numbers to 32


Birthdays 2 with Numbers to 32


Vielen Dank


Herr Sullivan