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‘Geography is all about the living, breathing essence of the world we live in.’

Michael Palin

At The Oval School, the geography curriculum has been planned in order to develop pupils’ curiosity, fascination and a sense of wonder about the world in which they live. The teaching of geography helps pupils to understand where they are in the world and how they are linked to other places.

Through our geography curriculum, we aim to provide pupils with opportunities to:

  • develop their knowledge and understanding of the world, from their local everyday experience to the global picture
  • develop an understanding of the physical and human geographical features of the world we live in
  • gain a comprehensive understanding of the issues concerning the planet they live in
  • collect, analyse and draw conclusions through evidence
  • communicate their view points in a variety of ways using appropriate vocabulary
  • develop cultural awareness and challenge stereotypes
  • foster enjoyment, satisfaction and curiosity for finding out about places, patterns and processes

Fieldwork means using first-hand observation and geographical skills to gain knowledge and practical experiences in both physical and human outdoor environments. During their time at the Oval, pupils are provided with a number of fieldwork visits to develop key geographical skills.

An initial focus on their own locality gives pupils in Year 1 an opportunity to develop fieldwork skills in a familiar environment. This begins with the school grounds before using maps to identify and describe the main human and physical features of Yardley. Links are made with the history curriculum when pupils investigate how Old Yardley Village has changed over time. This fieldwork study also prepares students for their learning in Year 2 when they make comparisons between Yardley and a Masai Mara village. Once pupils are secure with their own local area, they further develop their map skills in Year 3 when they visit Birmingham City Centre. Finally, during their ‘Explorers’ topic, Year 6  take part in an overnight camp on the back grass where they learn how to select and set up their own campsite. Through learning essential survival skills, pupils develop knowledge in bushcraft, principles such as firelighting, shelter building, cooking snacks on an open fire and water purification. 

We are passionate about developing curious geographers who have a broad knowledge base to draw from and who are equipped with the investigative skills needed to find out more about the world in which they live. Once pupils leave our school, the study of geography will equip them to take an active and informed part in shaping their place in their world.

To find out more about what your child will be learning in Geography, please visit the year group curriculum pages.


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