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KS1 Reading and Phonics

At The Oval School, We follow Letters and Sounds when teaching phonics and early reading. EYFS and Key Stage One staff have received training from a phonics specialist in delivering a high quality systematic phonics curriculum designed to support children in learning to read and write.  The children have daily (or more frequent if required) phonics lessons focusing on reading and spelling. They are organised primarily as whole class lessons with additional small group interventions taking place to close the learning gap for those that need it. We follow bespoke planning from Sound Start Phonics (for Letters and Sounds) which is adapted as required to meet the needs of the children. The children are first taught to recognise graphemes, read them in words and then to write them.

Alongside our phonics, we use the reading scheme Big Cat Phonics for Letters and Sounds. This enables the children to access books that are fully decodable and in line with their phonic development. The books are colour coded and aligned with Letters and Sounds Phases. In Year 1, the children take part in guided reading sessions three times a week with an adult. Each session has a different daily focus; this could be word reading, comprehension, prosody or another reading skill depending on the need of the group. Once they have been read in school, these books are sent home to be shared with parents.


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