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School Attendance – a very important message for all parents/carers

 Click here for Important update about school attendance 2021


  • School Attendance is vital to providing our children with the best chance to succeed in reaching their full potential in life.

  • School Attendance helps our children develop academically, socially and emotionally.

  • The government sets attendance targets for pupils, parents and schools to reach each year. We aim for all children to be in school at least 97% of the time.

  • Punctuality and lateness are a major concern for us at The Oval School. We believe that being punctual is a key life skill to learn and maintain to increase future life chances. Arriving on time at school gets your day off to a good start and puts you in a positive frame of mind, so that you can make the most of your learning opportunities. To be punctual also helps to increase the fundamental view that education is of value to the pupil, family and whole school community. 
  • We promote attendance through class rewards, celebration assemblies and individual certificates.
  • We work with pupils, parents and outside agencies to support families where attendance is a concern. This is usually when a pupils attendance decreases to below 93% and / or has multiple unauthorised absences.
  • We are a Fasttrack to Attendance school. This is a policy and initiative where families can be prosecuted under specific school attendance criteria. (please see fasttrack to Attendance page).
  • We follow Birmingham City Councils policy on Leave in Term Time. This is a policy where families can be prosecuted for removing pupils for the purpose of a holiday or other. (please see Leave in Term Time page)
  • Our whole school attendance strategy is managed by Emma Robinson. If you have any questions, require any information or advice on school attendance or school absence, please do not hesitate to contact her. You can make an appointment with Miss Robinson at the school office, via telephone.