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‘Every child is an artist.'

Pablo Picasso 

At The Oval School, we aim to deliver an art and design curriculum that engages, inspires and challenges pupils equipping them with the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create their own works of art, craft and design.  

Our art and design curriculum is taught through the progression of art and design techniques using a range of media and materials. Where possible, creative ideas for our art work link to other curriculum areas such as history or geography. As pupils go through the school, they learn the skills of drawing, painting, printing, collage, textiles, 3D work and digital art and are given opportunities to explore and evaluate different creative ideas.  

In art lessons, children are encouraged to become reflective learners who evaluate their work and the work of others. Pupils are encouraged to experiment with different mediums and then reflect on why some ideas and techniques are more successful than others. We believe that through the art and design curriculum, the children will learn that creativity comes in many forms. 

During their time at the school, pupils will study great artists, craft makers and designers and gain knowledge and appreciation for their work. We work with organisations, such as IKON Gallery, to offer wider art and design opportunities as well as other schools in the Creative Connections programme. 

The Oval is proud to celebrate Art work created by every child and we are delighted we are able to showcase work in our gallery for the school community to see.  

Our Art & Design curriculum allows children to gain a better understanding of the world around them. Through experiencing the arts, children develop their creativity, confidence and self-esteem. Pupils leave our school having knowledge of how to communicate what they see, hear and experience.  

To find out more about what your child will be learning in Art & Design, please visit the year group curriculum pages.



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